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Soft-Serve machines are money makers, but cleaning them is definitely not convenient. Hydra Rinse® is the newest advancement in cleaning technology.

Hydra Rinse® is a simple one-touch automated cleaning system for soft-serve or frozen yogurt equipment. Forget the days of extensive training, heavy buckets of water, stretches of machine downtime and safety concerns. Hydra Rinse® takes the most difficult job in the soft-serve industry and makes it simple, safe and quick. It features easy-to-operate controls, and is a proprietary, industry-first, food safe, naturally-derived cleaning solution. Hydra Rinse® is a virtually-automated cleaning process. Simply put: Hydra Rinse® cleans better.


NSF Certified Hydra Rinse on 23 models of Taylor Frozen dessert dispensing machines and 33 models of Stoelting frozen dessert dispensing machines under NSF/ANSI Standard 6 ; CDFA – New Cleaning Standard


Food Safety, Food Technology


Hydra Rinse is easy to operate and is the most effective way to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness for our machines. We love the one touch pro Control, the Portable Wandstation, and the All Purpose Cleaning Wipes. Our staff can now clean our machines in half the time. The Director of Business Development, Dan, is extremely knowledgeable & will make sure any questions you have get answered.

Mark Cotton, Google

Dan with Hydra Rinse has been amazing. He trained our staff completely until everyone felt comfortable. The Hydra Rinse machine has been an unbelievable time save. We have four large 8756 Taylor soft serve machines and the time savings have been phenomenal.

Coy Byrd, Google

Holy cleanliness! The Hydra Rinse machine is such a time & water saver!! We absolutely love it and it does a fabulous job cleaning all our yogurt machines in half of the time…We do not ever want to be without it! If you are looking for the best cleaning system for your soft serve machines look no further you found it……Thank you Dan & Hydra Rinse!

–Theresa Michael, Facebook

This system definitely helps cut the amount of time we need to clean our ice cream machine. It also makes the process 10 times easier! I would definitely recommend this to all restaurants with an ice cream machine. Joe has been a big help with training the staff!

–Travis Wei, Google

When I first heard about the Hydra Rinse I knew I had to have it. It has been everything I thought it would be and more! I save so much time in our cleaning process that I can now focus on several other aspects of our business. It has easily cut my cleaning time in half if not more. And guess what else… The machines seem cleaner than when I have fully disassembled them and cleaned them by hand. We have gotten compliments about how much better our FroYo tastes than our local competition. We use less water than when I gave to clean the machines by hand as well.

–Josh Miller, Google

Great product, even better customer service. Highly recommend!

–Monica Mull, Facebook

Joe and the staff have been excellent in getting us up and running proficiently through out our start up. The system has cut down our cleaning time a great deal, and our machines are much more sanitized. I would recommend this system to other businesses. Thank you Joe.

–Julia Verschage, Google

The system is great, efficient and easy to operate, and the staff is amazing. Dan was in store every day training us until we were comfortable with the system and has been extremely helpful with anything we’ve needed along the way.

–TJ Crowe, Google