Who we are.

We help our customers in the food industry, from restaurants to manufacturers, automate and ensure failsafe processes for food safety.

Today, the status quo is constantly being challenged, whether that’s how we get around or how things are cleaned. For example, Uber completely changed the rules of transportation, and Idea Boxx has set out to change the rules, and improve the game of food safety. 48M foodborne illness cases occur in the US every year, which is one area Idea Boxx decided to focus its efforts on. We focus on taking the variability, manual nature & time consuming aspects of how food processing equipment are cleaned, and automating them.

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We are a team of experienced MD’s, Engineers, Chemists, Finance, and Communications professionals that excel at thinking outside of the boxx, when it comes to food safety automation.

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Each product was designed with the end customers in mind. We listen to feedback and take creative action to develop valuable products.

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We believe that our success is dependent on yours, which is why developing a product is only part of what we provide. Our services, in terms of consultancy and syncing our business services to yours, is the other part of what makes our products truly valuable.


The first of its kind, Hydra Rinse® is like nothing else in the industry. It uses revolutionary automated technology to standardize the cleaning and sanitizing process for soft serve machines.


ProNatural Brand’s® line of naturally-derived cleaning and sanitizing products provides a superior, professional performance, every time.

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We engineer success.